Diabetes Symptoms

Our goal is to help with the care and treatment of diabetes including diagnosing the symptoms

Blood sugar levels
Blood Sugar

Beyond Pregnancy

After you've delivered, you'll have to remain vigilant about your and your child's health. When you visit your doctor for your postpartum evaluation, your glucose levels will once again be tested. If the results indicate impaired glucose tolerance , you will need to be tested annually for diabetes. If glucose levels are normal, you only require testing once every three years after delivery.

E Alert

Make sure your primary care physician gets a copy of all your medical and postpartum records from your obgyn and is aware of your history of GDM. If you ever require prescription medications that promote insulin resistance or cause hyperglycemia, it's important that your doctor is aware of your health history.

Long Term Risks to Mom

One bout with gestational diabetes increases your risk for GDM in subsequent pregnancies, and also increases your long-term risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The good news is that the nutritional skills and exercise habits you pick up during GDM treatment are your best defense against type 2 diabetes, and your doctor will encourage you to continue to use them after delivery. Studies have shown that minor lifestyle changes and weight loss can make a big difference in lowering your insulin resistance. Another thing you learned in pregnancy awareness of highs and lows should not be forgotten after baby's birth. Remember what high blood glucose levels felt like, and if you ever develop the symptoms, see your doctor immediately. If and when you do decide to become pregnant again, schedule a preconception visit with your obgyn to assess your health status, screen for diabetes, and ensure you get your next pregnancy off to a good start.

Long Term Risks to Baby

Your new healthy lifestyle should also be something that carries over to your family life. Your child will be at an increased risk for obesity and diabetes as she grows into adolescence and adulthood. The best way to help her is to encourage and model good habits now that will last a lifetime.