Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail fungus as anybody who has ever had it knows is no laughing matter. Nail funguses can be painful and in the worst case scenarios require the removal of your nails. The reason why nail fungus treatment can require the removal of your nails is that it is an infection of the roots of the nails. If […]


Diabetes Medicines

(Note: In diabetes, an expert physician’s services are invaluable and indispensable to determine the types of medicines and their dosage. In this respect, no article or book can ever take the place of the physician. The purpose of this chapter is only to provide a general overview of medicines used in diabetes.) Two types of medicines […]


The Greatest Ski Exercises for Rock Hard Skier Legs

Don’t miss one more powder day with damage or weak legs that can’t ski above a half day. Consistently we read a skiing journal or observe another so called “specialist” suggesting ski-specific exercises that have to flinch when it’s observed a few of the exercises suggested. After all, isn’t the aim of efficient skier health […]


Pep Talk

You’re Facing a big challenge now, and it’s time to whip up your enthusiasm. There is no question that getting ready psychologically is an important key to weight-loss success. You know you should lose weight, you know how much you want to lose, and you know how you’re going to go about doing it. All […]


Celebrity Stretch Marks

There are number of women who believe that the superstars or celebrities do not get any stretch marks after or during the pregnancy. Basically this kind of myth evolves in the mind of people because of the following reasons: The celebrities employ number of trainers and nannies in order to keep them in shape throughout their pregnancy […]

The Diabetic Foot

Skin and Foot Care

In diabetes, care of the skin and the feet assumes paramount importance. Increased chances of contracting an infection, inadequate blood-supply and impaired sensations are the three factors which endanger a diabetic’s skin and feet. Skincare Skin-care: A diabetic should always remain alert to prevent an injury to the skin. He should take extra care while scratching […]


Wart Removal Made Simpler With Wartrol

There are a number of skin problem which may look insignificant but it is unwise to overlook them. One such prominent example is warts. Warts are of many types and some are more persistent than the others. Your body’s immune system may be able to fight off some types of warts but for others, you […]


Life with Diabetes

The diagnosis of diabetes evokes different responses in different persons. That a child diabetic cannot understand the gravity of the diagnosis can readily be understood. But many a time, even adults react childishly. Many patients just refuse to accept the situation. This refusal is expressed in different forms. Some patients bluntly state that they can’t […]