How Do HGH Products Work?

Here is an explanation on how these different forms work to help you decide which is right for you.

The HGH Injection

HGH injections do not actually contain real HGH. Well, it is real but it is synthetic. On top of that it is very expensive, sometimes as much as $2000 a month. You will take the injections 2 or 3 times a day, as directed, and each injection can cost $75. As you can see, the cost of HGH injections can add up really quickly.

The HGH injections also have another draw back and that is that they are synthetic. They are produced in a laboratory to mimic the effect of real HGH. For that reason there can be side effects. Just like any other unnatural chemical you put into your body. When considering HGH injection you must take into account both the high cost and the side effects.

So Are There Any Natural HGH Supplements At All

When trying to find the answer to this question it is very important to be as careful and as through as you were in learning about HGH to begin with. When I studied them I looked at all aspects of it. I looked to find the side effects it might have and also how well it increase the production of HGH.

While I was doing my research on HGH supplements I found that some did not work at all. In total that was 3 that did not work at all but I also found 3 that preformed in an executional manner.

GenF20 Plus

98% success rate

GenF20 Plus tops my list because of its high success rate and the high quality lab conditions it is made in. Also it contain a few extras like amino petide. Their confidence in the product is evident with the 90 day guarantee the offer on it. That is longer than most.

HGH Energizer

90% success rate

The high success rate and affordable price took this product to number 2 on my list. In tests it has shown to be an effective non-prescription drug.

I ranked the product using a broad base of factors including the history of the manufacturer (what is it’s reputation) and quality. The heaviest weight however, was based on how well it preformed based on what users had to say about it and their testimonials. This provided me a broad base on the quality they were producing but also on the likely hood that they would continue to do so.

My research continued and I went as far as contacting the manufacturers and their employees to make sure I had truly found the best. When I was done GenF20 plus found its way to the top of my list. My pick for runner up, and it was close, was HGH Energizer.

There were a few factors that made me reach that conclusion. The biggest factor that propelled GenF20 plus and HGH Energizer to the top of the list was the fact was the fact that they where both all natural and that can be seen in how will they preformed.

What really took GenF20 plus to the top of the list was the quality of the laboratory. Their lab has been FDA approved and with that comes the peace of mind know that it will be contaminate free

GenF20 plus also made the top of the list because it scored higher on users comments. It scored 4.8 out of 5.0 verse the score of 4.0 out of 5.0. That difference in scores makes all the difference.

My Recommendation: Try Them

If you have been looking for a HGH supplement then you are safe choosing any one of these. If you are unhappy with one, you can return any of them for a refund and try one of the others. The key here is not to take more than one at a time. That is not safe to do with any similar drugs. You can find both GenF20 plus and HGH Energizer on their website. They are and, in that order.

With the large host of HGH products out there is is important both to do research and to use a guide like this. They can help you avoid substandard products that make outrageous claims and leave you disappointed. Using guides like this and researching you can find HGH products that are safe, meet your expectations, and back them up with a guarantee.

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