Celebrity Stretch Marks

There are number of women who believe that the superstars or celebrities do not get any stretch marks after or during the pregnancy. Basically this kind of myth evolves in the mind of people because of the following reasons:

  • The celebrities employ number of trainers and nannies in order to keep them in shape throughout their pregnancy and after the pregnancy.
  • The superstars can afford number of expensive surgeries like laser treatment to get rid of their stretch marks.

Well its really very true that stars can go for any laser surgery in order to get their stretch marks removed irrespective of the expenditure during it, but the thing is these surgeries does not work on everyone or does not offer satisfactory results to everyone. Also one of the biggest myths of people is that stars go for un-recommendable surgeries to get rid of all their skin and body limitations. The stars are not basically ready to take the risk of surgeries unless and until it is for the breast augmentation or enhancement and body shaping ones.

Yes the stretch marks on the body of celebrities are also very common, but there are number of men and women who have the great knowledge to hide them and minimize them reduce them very quickly without any difficulty.

  • There are number of pictures of celebrities in which their stretch marks are visible:

These pictures show that even these over powered celebrities cannot protect themselves from the stretch marks after their pregnancy — for example, Katie Holmes, beautiful and sweet wife of versatile actor Tom Cruise has been recently seen wearing low rider black jeans and allowing the press photographers to take the pictures of her waist which had stretch marks. Being a very big celebrity she could have gone for the surgical treatment for the removal of the stretch marks but she did not do that she opted stretch mark removal creams in order to remove the stretch marks.

Twenty five year old actress Sienna Miller of Great Britain also proudly declared in her blog that she bares scars and stretch marks like every common or non celeb women; she also stated that it’s the magic of the camera men and makeup artists that why number of actor and actresses appear flawless or perfect on the silver screen.

Number of other beautiful actresses like Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Kirsten Dunst, and Courtney Cox has the pregnancy stretch marks too. Some have very significant others have removed them to some extent.

The stretch marks of the Angelina Jolie

What was the expression of Angelina Jolie on her pregnancy is as follows:

“I love to have this experience. It really makes me feel like the women. It really makes me feel that all my body parts are changing their shape and size so as to comfort the young one. It really makes every one feel round and supple at this time of pregnancy. And above all it’s really a very great feeling that you have little life inside you.” Checkout the whole details at https://www.trilastinreview.com/angelina-jolie-stretch-marks/

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